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Destiny Online, based on eastern mythology, is a 2D free-to-play fantasy MMORPG featuring anime-style graphics
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Online games offer lot of fun and leisure to the players and also provide the opportunity to periodically challenge other competitors. Especially social networks like Facebook offer the chance to the members to compete against varied online games and provide points to be utilized for facilitating further playing. Spectacular graphics and music enhance the game playing experience for all members and publishing of top scorers further motivates them to play more. The fun of meeting new friends at such networks and the excitement of game playing has made Facebook one of the most popular and preferred social sites currently. A similar utility, called Destiny Online is a game that has the dual benefit of playing exquisite games and make new pals too.

Destiny Online opens with a highly colorful and vibrant looking interface with major controls placed at the bottom and right pane and players can compete with specific challengers with this game that is based on Eastern Mythology with brave soldiers and pretty maidens. The beautiful 2D graphics and powerful controls make the game playing experience more surreal and dream world like and also include tribal wars and romantic liaisons as well. It is also the very first MMO that pays the players to play this game as it awards Gold Points to those players who have spent a significant amount of time on this game and these points can be used to purchase items from Destiny Item Mall. It also provides a chance of capturing monsters and keep them as pets and even facilitates group playing and even offers prospects of online marriages.

To sum up, Destiny Online comes across as an enhanced game that definitely provides several options to have fun and make friends and hence gets a rating score of four points for its superlative approach.

Publisher's description

Destiny Online, based on eastern mythology, is a free-to-play well-designed MMORPG featuring Beautiful 2-Dimensional Graphics, Exotic Weapons, Powerful Skills, Loyal Pets, Versatile Mounts, Fierce PK, Tribal War and Online Romance etc. It also has many fun quests and events such as IQ Test, NPC Race, Hide & Seek, etc. More importantly, with the very friendly GMs and fellow game players, Destiny Online is the ideal choice for anyone to spend leisure online time to have fun and make friends.
Furthermore, It is also the first MMO that "Pays U 2 Play", meaning that if you stay in the game continuously for some amount of time, you will earn Gold Points. The Gold Points that you accumulated by being online can be used to purchase valuable items from the Destiny Item Mall.
Group Mode: Team up with friends to train, and get up to 5x EXP
Navigation System: Finding someone or some monsters is never so easy in an MMO. The in-game navigation system will take you to your destination at one mouse click.
Pet System and Pet Farm: Capture monsters and turn them into your pets, and train them to become your best helpers in battle. In Pet Farm, you can tame and evolve the ordinary pets into glowing mutant pet and many other stunning things.
Marriage System: Get married and enjoy the ultimate romance with your loved one.
Tribe System: Join a guild and fight in the breath-taking guild war!
Master/Apprentice System: Find yourself a powerful Master and leveling will no longer be boring.
Weapon Composing and Refinement: Craft a matchless weapon with your name engraved on it and embed refining gems to boost its attributes.
Fun quests: The Game presents a series of guided Main Quests as well as fun Side Quests and events such as IQ Test, race with cute NPCs, Hide & Seek with GMs etc. You don't want to miss any of them.
Other exciting features include: Buddy System, Trade System, fun quests, super cool skills (both for heroes and pets), and many more.
Destiny Online
Destiny Online
Version 1.0.2
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